ABBEY PRAYER helps to develop our communication with God. It is a reaching up to abide with our Father continually.

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"The possibilities of prayer are the possibilities of faith. Prayer and faith are Siamese twins. One heart animates them both. Faith is always praying. Prayer is always believing." -E.M. Bounds

Featured Resource:

I have the name I was given at birth, but then I have had a plethora of nicknames. Many of these have come from family members or friends, some have come from taking on different roles and starting new relationships (Husband, Dad, etc.). The way people address me varies according to their relationship with me, and sometimes that even changes pending on what is going on in that relationship. 

Yet many times when I pray, it just starts out Dear God....

Why is that? As we look at scriptures we see many of the different names of God. In the culture of the day, a name was synonymous with the character of the person. That is why many times when people interacted with God in scripture, their name changed to reflect a heart change.