"Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." - Psalm 23:6


ABBEY REFLECTION cultivates the art of looking back on our lives so that we may see the goodness and mercy that God has brought to our lives.
In our fast-paced world we so often put our head down and push through, yet in doing so, we miss much of what the Lord has done.  In Psalm 23, the goodness and loving kindness of the Lord follows us. Although we so often want the significance of things revealed at the start, it is only when we stop and cease from our efforts that we have the chance to see the work of the Lord.

We long to be known, yet we so often struggle to tell our own story to others. The Reflection section of The Abbey is a resource that is crafted to help you share your story.  We hope that in exploring and looking back at our story, we will see the story of God at work in our lives.  

In the Reflection Section, you will find our featured monthly reflection resource which includes a series of weekly reflection check in's, as well as the coming together section. 

The first two sections are for personal reflection, however, much if not most of our growth happens in the context of community - the coming together portion sets the table for you and a group of friends to come together to talk through the questions provided. We have also included a suggested recipe for you to try with your friends. 


Featured Reflection:

All of creation is made and designed to give - sun, clouds, earth, oceans, plants, animals. Yet we as God’s supreme creation, in our fallenness, are most reluctant of all of creation to give. Why is that? Why do we often find it so hard to live generously?

Some answers come easily: greed, self-interest, fear, ego, “it’s mine - I want it!” (All of which reflect the reasons the Enemy rebelled against the Father to start all this mess).

Why is talking about money - how much we make and what we do with it - so taboo, so secretive, even offensive (like we’ve just been asked to take our clothes off)?

Could part of the answer be the lies of this very Enemy that we have believed about the importance of it? That it defines us.

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