Introduction to the Gospel of Mark


The Gospel of Mark is the earliest of the four gospels to have been written. Penned around A.D. 65 during the reign of the notoriously malicious Roman emperor Nero, the reoccurring theme of the gospel of Mark is the kingdom of God and its kingly Messiah Jesus.

The shortest of the gospels, Mark has often been looked over, however the fast paced narrative of Mark encouraged the early believers in Rome during the midst of the persecution that they had to endure.

Historically the Gospel of Mark has been represented with the image of a winged lion holding the manuscript. This image speaks to the power of the Lion of Judah and the message of the gospel (the manuscripts) and the spread of this message (the wings).

Mark can be sectioned off into three main sections. In the first two sections we read the story of Jesus and his ministry in Galilee. The last third tells of his final week in Jerusalem.

Mark has always been my favorite gospel, whether due to its fast paced nature or the raw expressiveness of its writer, it continues to capture my heart and reveal a glimpse of our Savior King.  


Britton Sharp