As God’s symphony sounds began, there was a singular draw, a lovely note: Mary. She was young, perhaps a teenager. Her heart was turned toward God with a simple transparency, and He heard His melody in her prayers. “She is the one,” He decided, and invited her into a transformational, costly duet. God and Mary were in harmony to produce the most beautiful symphony ever created in a divine-and-dust partnership.

God set the other instruments of the divine orchestra into motion. The husband of Mary’s relative Elizabeth had a supernatural encounter with the angel Gabriel. Zechariah, an upright and holy man, was in the temple to burn incense to the Lord, as was the rite of his day. The angel Gabriel startled him and told him good news: although they were old, Zechariah and Elizabeth were going to parent a boy who would be the forerunner of the Messiah. 

Their reactions were interesting: Zechariah did not believe Gabriel and was struck mute until his son was born. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was ecstatic: no more stigma, no more feeling cursed because she did not have children! She was going to be pregnant and mother to the one to “prepare the way” for the Christ! What an honor. 

The angel had given them parenting instructions: no fermented drink, name him John, he will be filled with the Holy Spirit - even from birth. His mission: to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, he would be a joy and delight to them, and great in God’s sight. Elizabeth was thrilled when she got pregnant, and she knew it was God — she was well past child-bearing years.

When Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy, Gabriel made another appearance to a young virgin, Mary. That is where we pick up our story. But first, let’s pray and listen to the Father.

“Child of mine, how dearly I love you. I have so much to tell you about My Son. This is how it all started — how Jesus came to be born. Open your heart to this story, for just as I was at work in the lives of these people, so I want to work in yours. I am the Conductor of this masterpiece, and you have a part to play.

I am vast. There is much to discover in Me, and I long to reveal Myself to you. My plan for Mary is as real as My plan for you. Watch how she is with Me; learn from her. 

Did you see how quickly she opened her life to Me? That brought Me great delight. Although what I ask of you (as I did Mary) may be hard to fathom, don’t fret or fear: I have you. Stay close to Me and lean in to Me. Keep me as your Conductor, center stage, and move with Me as I instruct. There is much Kingdom work to be done, and I created you for it. Just as Mary said YES, say your own YES to Me.”