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Not just an app, this is a place. A place to rest and to give.


In just a few minutes each day, get resources to develop your prayer life, discover ways to meditate, grow, and reflect in God’s presence and give to others. 


Wherever you are in your journey, The ABBEY App will be here for you.

The Vision

The creation of a new tool that helps to create sustainable non profit ministries in our communities.

The Tool

A monthly subscription mobile app that provides subscribers with a tool to grow personally and spiritually, while also providing them with a new way to give. 


Historically an abbey was a place in the midst of a community that was a source of healing, rest, encouragement and exhortation for those both in the community and those traveling through it. We have developed The Abbey App to be such a place in this new and evolving information highway that has become a daily part of our lives. 
The ABBEY has three main areas: Prayer, Meditation, and Reflection. Our prayer is that God would use the content found in The Abbey to help bring grace and peace to the lives of our users.

You can visit the resources sections of The ABBEY by clicking on the buttons below.


The Abbey App is now available on iOS & Android devices


a way to give

The vision of The Abbey App is that it would become a catalyst to help launch sustainable nonprofit ministries in our communities.  Our hope that is that as our user base expands, so does the ministries that are supported by The Abbey.  
As we grow our initial vision is to establish and develop ministries serving the collegiate community, the special needs community, the refugee community and PTSD, grief and trauma victims.

The Abbey App is a monthly subscription based app with all of the proceeds going to support the sustainable nonprofit efforts mentioned above. 


our mission

The mission of The Abbey is to help create sacred spaces of spiritual and personal growth, to shepherd with the heart of Jesus Christ and to serve strategically to meet the needs of our communities effectively.
The Abbey is a resource that helps to grow, shepherd and serve.

Growing – we desire to create an environment where people can grow personally and spiritually. We provide resources to our users and communities to help them develop into who God has called them to be.

Shepherding – a shepherd's job is to lead out and to bring in. Our focus is helping to guide people through the daily life and trials they face, as well as, bringing them in to find rest in the gospel of Christ.

Serving – by creating relevant and quality resources and forming strategic partnerships we hope help the body of Christ move towards health, both as individuals and also as communities. Our desire is for people to see Jesus in compelling, relevant and transformational ways. We will partner with the body of Christ to serve our neighbors and our Savior for the glory of God.

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