The gospel is an invitation, and invitation to join a bigger story, a grander song.

Yet so often in our families, cities and communities, there are so many other things that compete for our attention, our devotion and our voice. 

This week we encourage you to take a prayer walk around  where you live. This could be visiting different rooms in your house, different places on your street, different offices at your work or different parts of your town.  As we explore this season of Advent, each week we will ask you to walk this route, praying through the topics we discuss for that week. If possible, ask others to join with you in this prayer. 

Pause 1 - Look Up:  Pray for the willingness to sing the song of God in our areas, even if it is not the song we expected.

Pause 2 - Look Down: Pause and pray for the awareness to see how those around you are pining for the presence of God in their lives. Pray for the “Shalom” peace of God to be present and impactful in our world and our lives.

Pause 3 - Look In: Take some time to pray for awareness, are we trying to sing along with the work of God, or are we trying to create our own song, or sing a bad karaoke version of someone else’s song? Pray that God would use you, no matter your past, to sing the song of Christ to those around you.  

Pause 4 - Look Around: Pray for those that are experiencing the depths of the silence of God’s voice. Pray for them to hear the song of Christ in their life. Pray against those things that may compete against this song.