“I Will”

Mary’s melody is so strong — what faith! What strength she had! As you walk through your neighborhood this week, keep her in mind as you look up (to God), look around (at your community), look in (within yourself), and look out (what you’re praying for God to do).

Pause 1 - Look Up (to God)

Mary willingly gave her life to God. She said YES to His disruptive, surprising, beautiful plan. Pray for your neighbors, that they too will hear the Lord, say YES to Him, and give their lives away. May they, like Mary, be blessed by Him, though the cost be high.

Pause 2 - Look Down (where you are, the world around you)

Mary’s world was poor, dusty, and agrarian. What do you see in your area? Are you in a rural, suburban, or urban setting? God is present everywhere. As you look around, pray that your neighbors, near or far, would know God, the Author of salvation, the One who loves them dearly. Pray that they would know Jesus, God with a fingerprint.

Pause 3 - Look In (within you)

As you walk, ponder what God would have you say YES to. What is He asking of you? What does He want you to do? 

Are you most like Mary, giving your life away, standing strong against gossip, faithfully singing God’s history and firmly believing in His faithfulness?

Are you like Elizabeth, mentoring others, encouraging them, delighting in the Lord’s mysterious plan?

Are you like the Wise Men, giving up resources and time to seek Jesus? 

Perhaps as a closing thought to this week, you could create a tune/rhythm/beat and create your own Magnificat, your own testimony of God’s faithfulness. Hum it as you walk and pray.

Pause 4 - Look Around (what we’re praying for God to do)

As you walk, you may see signs that people have said NO to God. You may see signs of strife and destruction, of thoughtlessness, or of turmoil. Pray about what you see. Ask God to repair, renew, and revive whatever is lost or broken. May we say YES to Him, even if the cost is great! May His joy within us spread out to our neighbors and cover them with His grace and peace.