“Joining the chorus” 

The shepherds were an unlikely first group for the message of the Messiah to be shared with from a heavenly chorus. Yet so often, God works in ways we don’t expect. This week as you walk through your home, your work or community keep these areas of focus before you. 

Pause 1 - Look Up (to God)

Take some time to thank God for His provision, that despite our “uncleanness”, God reaches out to us. Take some time to thank God how He has reached out to you. 

Pause 2 - Look Down (where you are, the world around you)

Who are those in our communities that may have been deemed “unclean” by society, yet God wants to reveal Himself too? 

Pray for willingness to hear from God, even if it be in ways that we wouldn’t expect.  

Pause 3 - Look In (within you)

Upon hearing about the long promised Messiah, the shepherds became fearful. Take some time to pray through what areas you are fearful of God’s light shining upon. 

Perhaps you can make a list of what fears may be present and then answer that fear with a truth of God that applies to it? 

Pause 4 - Look Around (what we’re praying for God to do)

How is God calling you to be hospitable to those around you? Pray for your communities to become ones known for hospitality. That they would be earthly pictures of the welcoming arms of the gospel.