It may seem a bit odd, to just read this one verse, yet this one verse holds a deep lesson. 

In scripture we see many people doubt: Abraham, Sara, Gideon and Thomas. So what makes Zacharias different? Why the coming curse of not being able to speak? In these past few days as we have seen God’s promise revealed, we see Zacharias’ fear begin to build. Yet we must not lose context of where this is all happening. It isn’t in a wheat field like Gideon or after a death like Thomas. It is in the most sacred place in the world, and it is as a priest. 

He is surrounded by the symbols of God’s provision for His people. He has offered sacrifices on the same altar used from the time of Moses, he has sung the songs written by David. 

Yet despite all of these reminders, despite these truths.

He only sees his circumstances.

His abilities. 

This man who pointed so many to God in the midst of their pain, cannot see Him.

Maybe it is because he is older, He doesn’t want to risk getting excited only to be let down.

Maybe it is because of shame.

Infertility was viewed as a curse and the shame was unbearable, especially for a priest.

The words of the angel of God were doing battle with the shame of Zacharias. And Zacharias was allowing the familiarity of shame to be more powerful than the hope of blessing. 

He knew the song of shame.

He taught others the songs of God.

Yet when He was invited to sing those same songs, his voice goes silent, afraid of what his voice may sound like. 


Morning Pause: At the start of this new day, how can you walk in the truth of what God has done for you? How can you live out of the promises He has given you? 

Afternoon Pause: In the midst of this day, how are you tempted to revert to the song of shame? Where are you most self conscious in seeing God work? 

Evening Pause: At what points today did your heart sing the way God promised that it could? What are the barriers or patterns that often keep you from joining in the song that God has invited you to join?