DAY 3 : MARY’S SONG  Luke 1:46-55

 Mary’s heart overflowed with joy and she burst into song. She couldn’t help it. The fullness of life growing in her body bubbled over and cascaded into a chorus that has played for thousands of years. Luke 1:46-55 is called “The Magnificat,” or “Mary’s Song.” 

We have insight into lovely Mary through her song. 

• Even as a teen, she had extensive knowledge and respect for the Scriptures. 

• She marveled that God, the Mighty One, would choose her to be the mother to the 


• She realized the scope of what was happening to her: generations would call her the 

blessed one.

• She knew about God’s merciful plan for a Savior to rescue His people and His mighty 

deeds from the past. 

• She recognized many of His attributes: His omniscience (all-knowing) and 

omnipotence (all-powerful); His regard for the humble, less advantaged people of 

the world; His mercy; and His faithfulness. 

• She sang of His promises and people, His power and His purposes. 

She was filled and fearless.

Here she was, poor yet filled within her body; humble yet exalted, an unknown young woman blessed to be a blessing and favored by God to pour out His favor on the world.

Her anthem filled the room as she affirmed the truth: God was doing a new thing, and she was part of something far greater than she could have ever imagined.


Morning Pause: Ask God to give you a new song today. Be open to a tune and some lyrics that lift Him up and honor Him. Hum, sing, drum, and rock your way through the day.

Afternoon Pause: Would you describe yourself as “filled and fearless” today? What is filling you so far? Ask God for more of Himself as you continue into the afternoon and evening.

Evening Pause: How did you celebrate God’s work in your life today? Write a list of His characteristics that fill you with joy and lighten your load this evening. Celebrate Him — He’s awesome!