DAY 4 : COST  Matthew 1:18-25

Mary was engaged (betrothed) to Joseph, a fine, godly man. She needed to tell him the truth about what had happened to her. How to say it? Her Big Reveal:

• “Joseph, I’m pregnant … by God.”

• “Joseph, an angel visited me and said God would make me pregnant with His Son.”

- “Really, Joseph, GOD is the Father! I haven’t had sex before! Ever!”

• “Joseph, I’m not lying, I’m not crazy. This is real.”

• “Joseph, God has chosen me to be the mother of the Messiah.” 

• “Joseph, are you in? Are you with me? Do you still love me? Do you believe me?”

• “Joseph, I don’t deserve disgrace. This is from God!”

And I wonder about Joseph’s response (which we will explore more next week):

• “Are you crazy?”

• “That’s the most ridiculous excuse for promiscuity I’ve ever heard. Just say it — you had sex with someone, and it wasn’t me!”

• Silence. Just complete horror on his face. Hurt and confusion in his eyes. Turning 

from her, rejecting her, and walking away.

Strangely enough, there is no mention of Mary’s family in scripture, aside from a genealogy. Did they disown her? We don’t know. 

Culturally, in that day and time, a pregnant, unmarried female would deserve death by stoning. After hearing what Mary had to say about being pregnant, Joseph was planning on divorcing her quietly. He really did care about Mary, but could not believe this outlandish story, and he was done. Their relationship was finished. But he did not want her to die. 

There was a significant personal cost for Mary to participate in God’s plan of salvation for all people. Honor from God, dishonor from people. Understanding from God, damnation from people. Courage from God, condemnation from people. But in the face of gossip and speculation and disbelief, she was still willing to follow through. Courageously, she moved forward as the Messiah’s Mama.


Morning Pause: As you enter into this new day, ask God to give you courage to be His. 

Simply, honestly, and truthfully, just be His. All day, in every circumstance, in every encounter with people — be His.

Afternoon Pause: What situation or interaction is demanding courage from you today?

Evening Pause: Reflect on the cost of following God as you think of Mary. In what ways can you relate to sacrificing for something greater?