The family, still in Bethlehem, found stability and normalcy. Jesus grew into toddlerhood without note until Magi from the East came to their small city from Jerusalem. “Where is the one who is born king of the Jews?” the Magi asked King Herod.

Imagine the scene: Mary was home doing home things; Jesus was a small child; the Magi came by caravan to their house. Wow, hello! These royal visitors bowed before young Jesus and gave Him treasures. The astute Magi had studied the prophecies around the Messiah and had chosen corresponding gifts: gold (symbolizing His Lordship), frankincense (symbolizing His priesthood), and myrrh (symbolizing His death). They departed, satisfied that they had completed their complex, lengthy quest. Glory! They had found the Christ and honored Him well.

The symphony of the Christ has some minor notes, some mournful sounds. King Herod, a suspicious, jealous, and ruthless king, felt threatened when he heard the Magi’s words. He ordered all male children under the age of two (according to the information given to him by the Magi) to be slaughtered. 

During the night, an angel appeared to Joseph, commanding them to flee for their lives to Egypt, and little Jesus became a refugee. It would be years before they would return to their original land of Nazareth.

Are you like the Magi, eagerly and earnestly seeking the Christ child? 

Are you like Herod, threatened by Him, defensive?

Are you like Mary, astonished and delighted one day, then through a turn of circumstances, terrified and dismayed?

What do you need to change or shift in order to focus on finding Jesus? At what cost will you pursue finding Him for yourself?


Morning Pause: As you wake up and shake off slumber, remind yourself of the delight the Magi must have felt in meeting Jesus. Don’t take Jesus’ Presence in your life for granted today. As you pray through your day, remember their wonder and take it as your own. The Savior of the world knows and loves you!

Afternoon Pause: Check the news for what is happening to refugees around the world today. Imagine Jesus as one of the boys in the images you see. What does this do inside of you?

Evening Pause: Pause and reflect on how Mary got through this time period: a solid faith. Trusting God, the Father of her Son. Leaning on Joseph. How can you trust God with the highs and lows of your circumstances today? Who are the friends you are leaning on? What can you learn from Mary?