DAY 1 : ON THE MARGIN  Luke 2:8

If you saw them you would probably cross the street. The Rabbis said they were unclean, and “we don’t associate with those that are unclean.” 

Psalm 23 calls the Lord our “Shepherd” throughout scripture, both Old and New Testaments tell us that God is our Good Shepherd. Yet those who worked this profession were deemed far from godly. 

Living on the outskirts. 

In their place, I think I would either long for what was denied (a “clean” religious life) or I would grow bitter with disdain. Reminded of my state every time I tend the special flock of the sacrificial sheep. I may have given up on religion long ago: it was just so far out of reach. 

Many times, when I try to predict or sing ahead of the work/song of God, I get it wrong. 

I would not have picked this audience.

They weren’t impressive and I would have thought them uninterested. 

Yet God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. 


Morning Pause: As you start this day, how can listen for the song of God today? What may be some things to watch out for that would keep you from listening?

Afternoon Pause: What preconceived notions of the work of God do you bring to the table? Do you picture how God would work? Are you willing to acknowledge and accept this work even if it is in ways you didn’t expect?

Evening Pause: As you lay your head down to rest, pray for those who work this night. Pray for their hearts to see the love and beauty of God. Pray for all those who work while others sleep, for those who may live on the margins.