DAY 3 : BRIDGING THE GAP  Luke 2:10-12

He was long foretold and although many have given up hope, there are still some who search and pray. 

But how will we interact with Him? What do we do? 

As we spoke about yesterday, the shepherds are shocked by hearing the announcement of the arrival of the Savior. They become massively aware of their shortcomings. Yet, this is where God meets them. 

While many expected the Savior to be a political one, a royal powerhouse that would rescue their nation, this is not the song that God was creating. It was not some powerhouse rock anthem that blasted through the night. Instead, it was a humble melody, that was familiar, yet more beautiful than anything they could ever imagine. 

Upon hearing it, they feel the distance, the feelings of unworthiness, and then heaven addresses their fears. 

“And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” Luke 2:12

If we are not careful we skip over the significance of this verse. 

Why would it be a sign to shepherds for a baby to be wrapped like this and in a manger?

Because in the culture and at this time, this was very likely the same way their children had been born.  

Even at His birth, Christ is tearing down the walls and expectations that many had laid upon the Messiah. 

This relatable description of where this infant Messiah was and how He would be found calms their fears. 

He is for them. 

He relates to them.

Though they are “unclean”, they can know and see Him. 

Christ meets them where they are.

He bridges the gap.


Morning Pause: As you start this day, how do you see God meeting you where you are? Initiating with you, calling you deeper into a relationship with Him?

Afternoon Pause: What preconceived notions of the Savior do you have? How might this limit your ability to see what God is really doing?

Evening Pause: At the close of this day, reflect on where did God meet you in it? Where was He calling? Where was He waiting?