I once heard the famous composer Hans Zimmer talk about his process in composing many of the film scores that you would recognize. He said that in composing, there is always a question and then an answer. 

The question of the weary world had hung heavy for over 400 hundred years. The silence spanned the centuries and hung heavy in the hearts of women and men. 

And then the answer began to play.

“Glory to God in the highest,

And on earth


Goodwill towards men”

Luke 2:14

Like the breaking of the dawn, the answer to this questions begins to ring out. 

It is heralded by an angelic choir,

to a group of humble shepherds. 

Peace has come. 

God has not forgotten you,

He is not absent.

He is here.

Come and see. 


Morning Pause: What questions have you been carrying around in your heart in regards to God? Where do you long to see and hear from Him?

Afternoon Pause: His arrival was different than many expected, as you reflect in the midst of this day, how are you remaining available to join the work of God even though it may seem contrary to what you believed would happen? 

Evening Pause: Entering into this night, take some time to pray for the willingness to hear, willingness to go and see what God is doing in your life and the lives of your family and community.