DAY 6 : JOINING THE CHORUS  Luke 2:17-20

You wouldn’t have expected it from shepherds. 

The news that the Messiah had come. 

As we read in this passage, all who heard it wondered at what they said.

Could it be true? 

It is what we thought would happen. 

Yet these shepherds….

They were different. 

They spoke of God in a way that hasn’t happened before. 

I mean, aren’t they “unclean”?

The shepherds didn’t know everything, but they did speak of what they know, what had been told to them. 

In this passage, we see both the internal and external work of the gospel of Christ. 

We see Mary treasure and ponder these things in her heart. Letting them take root internally and help prepare her for the long road ahead. 

We see the shepherds become the first evangelists to have seen the Messiah, sharing what they had heard and seen. 

In both cases we see people glorifying God and praising Him, despite being different from what they had thought would happen in their lives. 

So often we long for comfort and control. 

We desire to know everything in our informationally driven culture. 

Yet, the work of God is so often a mystery. 

Are we willing to lay down our preconceived notions of how life should be to accept the actual work of God?

Are we willing to join the chorus of the song of the incarnation of Christ?  


Morning Pause: Take a moment as you start this day to reflect on a truth that you have heard and seen about God. Carry this truth with you throughout the day by posting it somewhere you will see it. 

Afternoon Pause: You may not have all the answers, but are you willing to tell others what you do know, what you have seen and what you have heard? 

Evening Pause: Tonight spend some time reflecting on more ways of how you have seen and heard from God. How are you growing internally (like Mary) and externally (like the shepherds)?