Christ has come! Hallelujah! We have hope, we have life! The love of God is real, shown in His Son. His grace and truth resound now through the Scriptures and reach us here in 2019. 

How do we relate to Jesus in 2019? He’s real, He’s a physical and spiritual being, but He’s in Heaven. So now what? We don’t invite Him to have a beer and hang out with us at Last Days of Autumn on Magnolia Avenue. We don’t fill His backpack with water for a hike to Mount LeConte. We don’t set up a date with Him to meet our parents or best friends. We don’t physically stroll with Him through Market Square, checking out the fresh produce and listening to the musicians. And yet … He is God with us, Emmanuel. So how does that work?

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He promised His followers that God would send the Holy Spirit to them. Jesus Christ up and with God, Holy Spirit down and in us . Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would be within us, leading and guiding us through this life until we are in His Presence in the next.

This week, we are going to explore life with the Holy Spirit. Who is He? What does He do? How do we relate to Him? 

The Holy Spirit is the One who helps you with where to live, who your roommates should be, who to marry, what job to take, what to wear, what city to live in. Those specifics aren’t in your Bible; but He knows.

He’s the One who whispers to you who God is, how dear you are to Him, how holy and good He is. He affirms the truth with an unspoken yet heard YES, spoken Spirit (Him) to spirit (yours). He is the One who is the breath of life into your spirit when you are born again.

He is the One to add up everything in your life for your good, to take every experience and bring it all together for the well-being and healing of others. 

He’s the One who helps you forgive rather than live in offense. 

He’s the One who gives you joy in the middle of your pain. 

He’s the One who sometimes helps you sense danger before it happens.

He’s the One who reminds you of hymns and spiritual songs in the night or while you’re standing in line at the grocery store. 

He’s the One who whispers to get your attention and train you to be like Jesus. 

He’s the One who helps you dance in the kitchen while you’re cooking and cleaning, 

who strengthens you with patience when your two-year-old says NO!, 

who reminds you of your value and worth when someone treats you poorly, 

who brings a new song into your soul, 

who defies logic with love, 

who brings hope as the tears dry.

Prayer: Child of Mine, trust Me. I have provided all that is good and holy and true for you through My Spirit. Open up to Him and let Him direct your paths. Listen to His wisdom, act according to what He tells you, and let Him remind you of My affection for you. Love you, Child.