“Eyes to see”

As you walk and pray today:

Pause 1 - Look Up: Can you identify and name ways that you see God-with-us in the people you are praying for? Thank him for that.

Pause 2 - Look Down: What are places in your neighborhood or family that need Incarnation? Broken places, broken families, difficult relationships...

Pause 3 - Look In: How do you think the people you are quietly praying for this week would say they see and experience God through you if they were asked? Ask God-with-you to be more present and real in and through you.

Pause 4 - Look Out: Ask God to show you ways that you can bring “Jesus with skin” to the people and places you are praying for. Identify (write down) at least one tangible thing you can do to make it a reality. (Offer help with some household need. Bring a meal. Invite them to dinner or for a walk.)