Pause 1: Look Up (to God)

As you swing your arms and walk, open them a bit and ask the Holy Spirit to breath fresh wind into your spirit. Ask for more of Him! Pay attention to the whisper of the Holy Spirit today as you walk by houses, people, cars, buildings, or fields. Enjoy this walk, knowing that the Holy Spirit will give you guidance and direction. Aaaah, doesn’t that help you relax? He’s got you! 

Pause 2: Look Down (where you are, the world around you)

Ask the Holy Spirit to hover over your neighborhood and call it to life! Imagine Him bringing all the creative power of God to your area. Ask Him to remove any obstacles; ask Him to show off! Then watch with a heart of expectancy.

Pause 3: Look In (within you)

What divine guidance did the Holy Spirit give you this week? What does it take for you to “keep in step with the Spirit” and “not grieve the Spirit”? In what area of your life do you need His dunamis? His Truth? Pray and rest, knowing He loves you deeply and is for you. It is His good pleasure to “bring you into all truth.”

Pause 4: Look Around (what we’re praying for God to do)

As you walk, use the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23) as a foundation for your prayer. Anywhere you see evidence of brokenness or harm, pray for the Spirit to come and do His transformational work. Fill in this blank from the Lord’s Prayer: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on/in ______________ as it is in heaven.” We know He wants His will done, so pray confidently.

For example, if you hear people fighting, pray for love, joy, and peace. 

If you hear someone being impatient, pray for the Holy Spirit to give them patience. 

If you perceive that someone needs extra kindness, pray for God’s kindness. 

If you want more goodness and gentleness to characterize your neighborhood or workplace, pray for that. 

If you see trash, pray for faithfulness and self-control, and for people to understand their responsibility as stewards of God’s beauty. I you see a glorious sunset, pray that people will comprehend the God of color and song, the God of peace and goodness and glory.