You may wonder, how do I know whose voice is in my mind? Is that the voice of the Holy Spirit, or is it just mine? Is that the voice of the enemy, or is it mine? Would God say such a thing?

These are great questions, given that the Holy Spirit is our Counselor and tasked with teaching us all things (see Day 3). We must learn to recognize His voice.

I suggest that you ask Him a question you know the answer to, and then listen to how He answers you. For example, “Do You love me?” We know that we know that we know God loves us — Scripture affirms this in John 3:16 and Jesus affirms this through His life, His attitude towards people, His teaching, and His death. So how do you hear His “Yes, I love you” in response to your question?

Continue this process and gain confidence in hearing and identifying His voice. 

Remember this about the voice of the Spirit: He speaks hope and possibility; He wants you to understand Him. When He challenges you, it is for your good; He is like a skilled surgeon who wants to cut out a cancer for your good, not your destruction. He will build you up and strengthen you. He affirms your identity: you are a son or daughter of the living God, accepted and called according to His purposes, gifted, cherished, and dearly loved.

Satan’s voice, on the other hand, is damning, mocking, and promotes fear and worry. He condemns and attacks you; he wants you to think you’re worthless, unlovable, stupid, trash, ridiculous, and false.

Our own voices often speak of our fears and inadequacies, our guilt, and our masks. We often settle for what is lesser than God’s truth, and can be caught in a cycle of thinking about ourselves, never breaking out of the cycle to call out to God. So be aware: who are you listening to?


Morning Pause: Ask the Holy Spirit to speak “loud ’n clear” to you today.

Afternoon Pause: Pause to evaluate what voices are strong in your head. Choose the steadfast, loving voice of affection and reality of the Holy Spirit. Listen for His grace and truth; He brings both.

Evening Pause: Pause to consider how you hear the Holy Spirit. Ask Him for more of Himself, however He would like to come to you.