The Need :

University Leadership (Administration, Faculty, and Staff) is one of the most overlooked areas of our campus by ministries and organizations that resource and serve the University.  There are over 34 organizations to reach the undergraduate and graduate student body (approx. 26,000 people), one organization helping serve the teaching body (approx. 1,500) yet there is no one serving the Administration and Staff (approx 5,000 people).  Currently, there is a chasm between the University Leadership and the Christian body leaving these leaders under-served, under-resourced, and without a shepherding presence.

The Idea :

Collegiate Abbey develops bridges of trust and relationship with University Leadership.  We seek to create environments of grace and peace that help to care for leaders and serve them through the gospel of Christ.

The Strategy :

Partnership – By using our giftings as innovators and connectors, along with our combined experience of over 50 years, we seek to: create bridges that have not existed before, connect individuals and groups to collaborate to meet the needs of the campus, and help to bring life and encouragement to University Leadership

Resource – In response to listening to the needs of the University Leadership, we create resources, events, and gatherings to help cultivate health and spiritual growth.

Development – Our desire is to help University Leadership take the next steps in developing their relationships with God, their families, and each other.

Shepherding – By coming alongside people Collegiate Abbey seeks to encourage University Leadership while they lead through these difficult and unprecedented times.

Our Organization :

Britton Sharp is the Founder Director of Collegiate Abbey. He specializes in innovation and shepherding.

Steve Moldrup serves as the Director of Connection and Shepherding.

Board of Directors: Our board consist of nine active members in various roles who meet monthly.

Faculty and Staff Advisory Team: We have seven Faculty and Staff from different departments and levels who meet quarterly to help us serve University Leadership more effectively and efficiently.

What Collegiate Abbey looks like on campus :

Collegiate Abbey has been serving University Leadership for the past three years. During that time we have been honored to see God open doors and create many opportunities to help serve and meet the needs of the campus. God continues to bring healing and encouragement through the light of the gospel of Christ.

Partnership :

One of our most successful partnerships with the University has been the development of Prague Service Trip with the Center for Leadership and Service. To our knowledge, this is the only trip of its kind in the nation, where a religious group and the University partner together to serve internationally. This trip has grown and developed. Students now receive course credit for participating.

Resources :

One of our main desires for all of the resources we create for Collegiate Abbey is that they would be extremely practical. Every month we provide University Leaders with a new resource for Meditation, Reflection, and Prayer. These resources focus on areas such as generosity, peace, and leading spiritually. Our resources are also available via our resource hub, The ABBEY APP, which is available in your phone’s app store.

Development :

Each month we host a free lunchtime session for University Leaders called Third Thursday at The ABBEY.  Over a meal, we go a bit deeper into the featured resource topic for that month and have discussions around tables about what it looks like to live that topic out in our daily lives. Our desire is that these times will be a source of encouragement for all those involved and for others who may be invited to participate.

Shepherding :

Our staff is available to meet one on one with University Leaders. They are often having to navigate intense times in our culture while trying to invest in their personal and family lives as well. Our hope is for them to know that they are not alone and that there are others who care.

The University has also asked the Collegiate Abbey staff to sit on several advisory boards and panels to help address varying needs of the campus community.