This study is broken down into five color coded sections. Each section will give you an introduction to the method being used and instructions on how to use this method. You will then have a sample week where the author walks you through and example of how to use the method. The following week will give you worksheets to study a passage of scripture of your own choosing using this same method.


The Inductive Method to reading the Bible is similar in its approach. It is a practice in Biblical investigation. Like a detective coming upon a crime scene, you gather data and clues, analyze them and draw your conclusions. It is methodical, logical, and practical.


A Book Study takes a comprehensive approach to studying a particular text of Scripture. By reading a book in its entirety, there is ample opportunity to consider the overarching narrative of Scripture as well as the specific context of the passages. Book studies can as long or as short as needed and offer the chance to find yourself in text as you consider not just what the author meant to communicate to the original audience, but also what wisdom can and should be gleaned for yourself.


The Reflective Method focuses on stopping and being present with scripture and what God is desiring to teach us. This method walks you through taking sections of scripture and learning how to meditate on them. It is less about the quantity of study and more about the quality of study and meditating deeply on what you study.


A character study is a method that will help to make scripture more personal, more human, by looking at and getting to know a particular person (character) in scripture and learning from them. But ultimately, what we really are discovering is more of Jesus through the eyes and words and experiences of the person being studied.


A topical study helps to see what God has to say about a particular thing that we are experiencing,  needing, or feeling. It is practical, helpful and personal. This method helps us to know how our loving Father loves us and how we get to know more of His heart and experience more of Him.