Our heart in developing "The ABBEY" is to help provide practical and useful resources to help you grow in your relationship with God and the community around you. 


"The ABBEY" will provide new resources for you at three different intervals:

Daily - By subscribing to an area of prayer in the "Daily Prayer" section you will receive a request each weekday so you can join with others in lifting up specific request for our cities and communities.  

Weekly - In the "Reflection" section you will be provided with weekly check-in questions to help you dig deeper into the topic. You will also see additional "Abbey Art" meditations added each week to the gallery sections of the "Meditation" section. 

Monthly - Each month "The ABBEY" will provide three new resources for Prayer, Reflection and Medication on the theme for that month. You can also listen to the "Abbey Podcast" to hear a bit more about the theme and the heart in crafting it.  In the "Reflection" section you will also recipe a new recipe and three dinner questions in the "Setting the Table" section. The heart hear is to come together with friends and family to discuss and grow more in the topic for that month. 


PrayerABBEY PRAYER helps to develop our communication with God. It is a reaching up to abide with our Father continually.

The resources found in the Prayer section are crafted to help develop the area of prayer in our lives. Whether we struggle with knowing how to pray, finding the words to pray or remembering to pray - we desire to help the body of Christ grow in the area of prayer. This section includes Daily Prayer aides, prayer articles and prayer exercises. 

MediationABBEY MEDITATION develops the ability to be present in the moment, so that we may be still and know that He is God.

It is said that art is evidence that we have a soul, that it helps us see that there is something more than what is on the surface. Our culture overemphasizes productivity and progress, and we have lost the art of being still and knowing that He is God. We fight and struggle to be present instead of distracted. 
Our hope and prayer is that this section will help begin the process of cultivating the divine amidst the every day, and being present in the moment. We desire to help curate the image of the Divine amongst our everyday lives and encourage and exhort our relationship with God.

In this section you will find monthly meditation articles, an "Abbey Art" Gallery and lock screens to help you remember to stop and see the beauty of God that surrounds you. 


ReflectionABBEY REFLECTION cultivates the art of looking back on our lives so that we may see the goodness and mercy that God has brought to our lives.

We long to be known, yet we so often struggle to tell our own story to others. The Reflection section of The Abbey is a resource that is crafted to help you share your story.  We hope that in exploring and looking back at our story, we will see the story of God at work in our lives.  
In the Reflection Section, you will find our monthly reflection resource which includes a series of weekly reflection check in's, as well as the coming together section. 

The first two sections are for personal reflection, however, much if not most of our growth happens in the context of community - the coming together portion sets the table for you and a group of friends to come together to talk through the questions provided. We have also included a suggested recipe for you to try with your friends. 


Begin by reading the monthly meditation Psalm 1:3 on the topic of growth in the meditation section. 

You can follow this by reading the "Reflection on Growth" in the Reflection section. Each week you can use the weekly check-in question to go deeper on topic of growth. 

At the end of the month you can invite a group of friends or family over and use the "Setting the Table" portion to help frame the discussion for the evening. 

When needed you can also listen to the "Abbey Podcast" on growth and explore the "Cultivating Prayer" article in the "Prayer" section.