Today we take an interesting look at Gratitude


In the podcast we delve into what does it mean to cultivate peace.


In this episode we talk about the care and feeding of your soul - Soul Care.


In this episode we discuss how The ABBEY app came about and the vision behind it. 


What comes to your mind when you here the phrase “Spiritual Discipline:? In this episode we dig a bit deeper into what are some misconceptions we may have and some practices to develop concerning this area.


Welcome to The Abbey Podcast! In this episode you can learn more about the origin of The Abbey and the vision behind it's creation.


In this episode we discuss various aspects of growth in our Christian lives. We dive into a bit of the influencers and conditions for growth and how to cultivate and environment of growth. 


Have you ever wanted to dive deeper in your conversation with friends or family? In this episode we explain the vision and resources of the "Setting the Table" section found in The ABBEY app.