ABBEY PRAYER helps to develop our communication with God. It is a reaching up to abide with our Father continually.

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"The possibilities of prayer are the possibilities of faith. Prayer and faith are Siamese twins. One heart animates them both. Faith is always praying. Prayer is always believing." -E.M. Bounds

Featured Resource:

As we look at the end of the story of the rich young ruler, it seems to end on a downer note. Mark 10:22 says, “At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad because he had great wealth.”

I think it’s interesting to me that it says “sad”. He could have felt mad or rejected. We don’t know what happens after this encounter - scripture doesn’t say. But his “sadness” give a sense of hope. If he leaves mad he has shut himself off from Jesus. But in his sadness, it seems that he recognizes the truth of what Jesus has said and is wrestling hard with it.