Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.  2 Corinthians 5:17


I have heard this verse countless times, yet why do I feel so stuck in my old ways? Perhaps it is environmental? Perhaps it is because of the voice that replays in my head, recounting all of the mistakes I have made. It is hard for me at times believe that this verse is true. As a campus minister, I share this verse with others and expound on the grace of God, yet when it comes to personal application, I think there is a loop hole concerning me.

As you look at your life, what are some of the loop holes you try to apply to God’s grace? What are the areas that it is difficult for you to apply the truth of the old passing away and that a new way has come?


Think of a time when you you were so aware of this truth, when grace was free to enter in and your heart was renewed. What was the impact of living in that grace and truth? How did it change the way you live?

What are some of the things that symbolize this renewal for you?


Look at your list from above. Are there any patterns? Anything that stand out to you?

Of your memories, why and how have these marked you?


Where is God calling you to apply the grace, truth and promise of renewal?

What are some ways you can remind yourself to live from this truth?

Who are some people that you can invite into these areas to help encourage you to continually apply the gospel to your life in this area?

Pray for God’s grace to have the freedom to work in your life unhindered, unfiltered by your attempts at loop holes. Pray that God would give you a visual reminder of this truth and then seek to incorporate that in your life, so as to visually remind you of what you are believing/hoping to be made a reality.


Struggle: That I would embrace God’s forgiveness for my past.

Ways to remind: Write this verse on my mirror so I see it each morning.

People to invite in: My friend from…..

Prayer reminder: Cherry blossoms are some of the f irst things to bloom after a cold winter. They are symbol that new life is coming. I found a cool post card of a Japenese painting of cherry blossoms that I am going to put up in my office.